Anunnaki - Dawn Of The Gods

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Anunnaki - Dawn Of The Gods
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1 - 4

Danilo Sabia
Simone Luciani

Jara Zambrano
Paolo Vicenzi

Anunnaki: Dawn of the Gods is a 4X eurogame by Danilo Sabia and Simone Luciani, set in an ancient dystopian past, wheremythology and science-fiction come together.
Each player represents a different House whose rulers are viewed by the terrestrialpopulation as gods. Players will build settlements, recruit followers, embody gods, explore planets and collect resources fromtheir territories, develop their technology, sign trade contracts, defeat local dominions and other players’ armies, and try toconquer Atlantis, which owns huge treasures. 
The game features an innovative action-selection system: a star-shaped playerboard with different actions at every intersection. 

Will you try to follow the path on the star to quickly put your gods in play, orwill you try to perform actions in the most convenient order to better develop your civilization? 
Every choice is important andcan lead you to a memorable victory... or a terrible defeat! With a wide variety of gameplay conditions - such as factions withunique abilities, random setup of many elements, and low impact of luck, Anunnaki - Dawn of the Gods represents an immersiveexperience and features all the characteristics of a must-have for all board game lovers.



What's in the box

10 boards
126 cards
68 miniatures,
86 tiles
262 tokens1 dice.

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109.99 €

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